Backend Overview

Will is designed rather a lot like our own brains.

His backends are specific parts of the process of noticing something, deciding what to do, and taking action, and they each interact with each other.

Just like us, he hears and sees things (io), understands the context in which they happened (analysis), considers possible actions (generation), decides on something to do (execution), and does it (io). Along the way, he has both short term, working memory that lets these processes talk to each other (pubsub), and long-term, permanent memory (storage).

If you've been thinking about diving into Artificial Intelligence or bots, and wondering how it works, the answer lies right there, in your own head.

Below, you can dig a little deeper, see how each piece of Will's brain works, what things you should think about as you set him up, and how you can make him even better.